About American Football

American football, known in the United States and Canada just under the term football, is a team sport that combines strategy with physical play. The objective of the game is to gain points by advancing the ball into the side of the opposing team. The name comes from the length of the American football that is 1 foot long. The goal of the game is to score points by advancing the oval ball into the target target field.

American Football is a sport of contact. Some players are big and powerful, and others are small and fast. Force is often demanded, but also intelligence, agility and skill. It can be a game of great complexity, especially at a professional level, however basic rules can be easily understood, no matter who is practiced.

In 1960, the American Football League (AFL) was formed, the NFL rival league, and in 1970 the two leagues merged into a league of 26 teams. This merger also gave birth to the most important annual Super Bowl game. In 2006, the number of teams increased to 32. Since 2008, two new leagues have started: All-American Football League and the United Football League.

Currently, due to its popularity in the US, American football is played in many countries, in a multitude of leagues, by amateurs and professionals. In addition to leagues in the U.S., there are more professional leagues in over 50 countries, the best known being the Canadian Football League (CFL), Germany (German Football League (GFL)) and Japan (X-League). More recently, American football is also played by women in leagues with a semi-professional character.

Also, as part of its popularity, all American teams have their own shops for selling branded merchandise to its fans. For example, Red Sox is one of the teams having some interesting things available for sale.