New Gaming Mergers & Acquisitions

The online gaming market has seen a trend in consolidating over the past years with companies involved in mergers and acquisitions at both local and global level.

As the American Drafkings has moved towards betting, it has acquired the sports betting platform SBtech, one of the leaders in the market. This will surely see Draftkings brand swinging their sports section over to this platform, ditching the current provider, Kambi. This is an important loss for the Swedish company, yet is not something cry for as their betting software seems to be one of the most complete, with features and management tools hard to be found with other providers. Besides, their B2B teams is hard at work signing new deals and keeping current clients like 888sports competitive.

On the other side, some other companies are still looking for an organic growth, investing in their own projects and developing new services and products for their clients. One such case is NovaCorp Net which has just pushed new services live like a soccer prediction tool, offered free of charge, and based on an advanced algorithm learning from various stats and past results. Furthermore, as the company has been also looking into developing on a vertical axis, it has made an investment into a gaming software developer and aggregator, JoinGames AB (Sweden, Malta).

As the market evolves, new mergers and acquisition transform the industry, making the changes from the past 20 years hard to imagine. Many of these are due to market maturity and also cost of operations and new technological advancements which are required to keep pace with the trends.