Romania, the series leader in the Fed Cup 2020 play-off

Romania will be the series leader in the play-off for the 2020 Fed Cup final tournament, the International Tennis Federation announced.

The eight series leaders will be USA (2nd place in Fed Cup standings), Belarus (5), Romania (6), semifinalist this year, Germany (7), Spain (8), Switzerland (9), Belgium (10) and the United Kingdom (11).

Their opponents will be chosen by lottery on August 21 (3pm), in London, between Latvia (12), Canada (13), Japan (14), Slovakia (15), Russia (16), Kazakhstan ( 17), Brazil (18) and the Netherlands (19).

The play-off matches will take place on February 7 and 8.

The Czech Republic received a wild card for the final tournament, which will take place in Budapest, from April 14-19. The other teams directly qualified for the final tournament are Australia, France (the 2019 finalists) and Hungary, the host team of the competition.

New format of the Fed Cup, from the next edition

ITF will change the Fed Cup format from 2020. The champion will be decided after a final tournament, in which 12 teams will participate, which will be hosted for three years, 2020, 2021 and 2022, by Budapest. These are some interesting tennis facts to keep an eye for.

The Fed Cup Finals will play in the hall that hosted the last Champions League Final Four for women’s handball, Laszlo Papp Arena, on the slush.

The 12 “finalists” will fight for total prizes worth $ 18 million: 12 will go to the players, and six to the national federations.

The participants will be divided into four groups of three teams. The group winners will go to the semifinals. All parties will have three disputes: two single and one double.

The teams that will dispute the final will be qualified for the next edition of the final tournament, and the teams from places 3-10 will go in qualifications.