Romania missed the preliminary qualification at EURO 2020

Romania missed the preliminary qualification at EURO 2020, after the defeat suffered on Friday night at the National Arena of Sweden, with a score of 0-2. Both goals were scored in the first half. For the national team there is a final match in the group, without a real stake, on Monday in Spain. Tricolors still have hopes at the dam.

Although he can no longer qualify for EURO 2020 from the preliminaries, the tricolors will still have a chance at the League of Nations dam, which involves the disputing of two rounds (semi-final and final) against an opponent to be designated. The draw for this dam will take place on Friday, November 22nd.

The national football team of Romania will meet the team of Sweden, on Friday evening (9:45 pm), on the National Arena in Bucharest, in Group F of the preliminaries, in a capital match for qualifying at EURO 2020.

Defeated by 2-1 in Sweden, the tricolors need 1-0 success or more than one goal difference to stay in the qualifying equation. In case of a positive result, everything will be decided on Monday, on Wanda Metropolitano, where a draw with Spain would take Romania to EURO 2020.

The Swedes arrived in Bucharest directly from the cantonment – they prepared for three days in Cyprus. They have not missed any European championships for 20 years and a draw is enough in the National Arena.

Friday’s game, from the National Arena, will be played with the closed house, all 50,000 tickets being sold, as FRF announced.

In the direct matches between the two teams, Romania has 3 wins, Sweden 5, and 3 matches ended in a draw. The last success of the tricolors in front of Sweden dates from March 2018, when Romania won a friendly match played in Craiova with 1-0, through Dorin Rotariu’s goal.

Before the match with Sweden, the tricolors received a big news on Thursday night: they secured a place in the play-off of the League of Nations in case they will not get the qualification at Euro 2020 through the classic preliminaries.

The only national who could remove Cosmin Contra’s team from the dam, in the case of qualification, Kosovo, missed any chance of going to Euro after losing the match with Czech Republic, 1-2, away, writes

Kosovars, who drove to Prague, were finally four points behind the Czechs, one stage before the end of Group A, and no longer have a chance to take one of the first two places, leading to the Euro.