Roulette – Game Rules & Strategies

Roulette is the simplest and most interesting casino game. They are something magical, care entices you the first spin. Maybe the magic lies in the simplicity of the game, who knows! Even if you don’t know how to find yourself, or withdraw an expert, after reading our guide. We explain the rules of setting, the difference between the types of rules and what we need to know to make the most of this nice game.

The simplest casino game!

What do you think of when you hear the word roulette? Probably at a sexy dealer spinning the wheel and the players sitting around the table and looking forward to seeing where the ball will fall. Then hear the sound of the chips being shared and the emotions of the players finding out the result. Indeed, that’s about it. All you need to know are some basic rules that are very easy to understand.

Whether you play in a real casino, live or in RNG mode, the roulette game starts when it is announced that you can place your bet. Online you have the advantage of seeing where you have to put the token, in order to have more chances to win. Place the token, the wheel spins, and the ball falls on one of the pockets. The winning number is announced, and if you win you will receive the money in online SOLD and chips at the land-based casino. Then you can decide if you want to continue the game or give up. Basically, you can do this all day if you want, but theoretically it would be good to set certain limits to avoid risks.

What is the difference between European roulette and French roulette?

There are no big differences between these two variants. The strong point of French roulette is the rules of En Prison and Le Partage, but it does not apply to every game. More details about these two rules can be found below. If we look at the game table, we will notice that the names on the game table are in English for European roulette and in French for the other variant. No matter which game option you choose to settle on, it will be very easy to learn each name and type of bet.

You have two ways to bet on 12 numbers at the same time: a dozen, 12 numbers grouped in a square, and a column. The dozen are called 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 in English, and in French P12, D12, M12. Very easy. For the column, just click on the box before the first number. Pair / Even and Impair / Odd are even and odd numbers, and 1-18 / 19-36 are Manque and Passe in French roulette. Another difference in appearance is the position of the game wheel. In the European one, the wheel is usually positioned at the end of the table, and in the French one it is on the game table. Probably the purpose of this arrangement is to make room for more players to sit at the table.

You have probably noticed the race track in French that appears in some variants of the game. But now there is no way to differentiate French roulette, since it also appears in some European roulette. You don’t even have to know what each name means, just hold the cursor over the section and you’ll see which numbers are included in the bet. Many of the roulette wheels now have the name in both languages, so it is difficult to differentiate the types. In some games, such as Auto-Roulette Le Partage, from Winmasters, the game table is specific to European roulette, but le Partage applies, which is the brand of the French one. In any case, if this rule does not apply, the difference is not great between them and it remains only to decide where to play.

Types of bets and odds

There are three types of roulette bets: indoor, outdoor and bets announced on the racetrack if it is present. Inner bets are placed from a single number to six numbers: number, divided, line three (street), corner, top line and six lines. The chances of winning are lower than for outside bets, but the winnings are much higher, up to 35X if you bet on a single number. The outside bets are column, dozen, red-black, even-odd, 1-18 or 19-36. In some of the games you will see the racetrack with the stakes Voisins du Zero (Neighbors of Zero – 17 numbers from 22 to 25), Tiers du Cylindre (12 numbers from 27 to 33) and Orphelins (8 numbers). Below you will see where to place the chips and paytable for different types of bets.

American Roulette – a special version of this game

If you take a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada or any of the many casinos in the States, you will notice that roulette looks different. The Americans decided to create their own version of this game and thus American Roulette was born. It can also be found at casinos in Europe, but it is less popular than the other two versions. Why is it less popular and what is different about this game? What makes it different? Let’s see if it is a profitable variety of standard roulette. We will find out if this variation favors the player in any way and if it has specific rules, different from the classic roulette.

The game table is the same as the European one, with one difference: in addition to the green pocket 0, there is also 00. What does this mean? First, you can bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 if you place the token between 0 and one. The payout is 6 to 1, quite advantageous. You can also bet on different combinations between these numbers, for example 0-1, 0-1-2, 00-3, etc. The rest of the bets are the same as for European roulette. The Americans decided to innovate the wheel design as well. If you look more closely, not only do you have two green pockets, but also the numbers are placed differently. While in the European and French versions the numbers seem to be randomly placed, in American roulette they are arranged in a more logical way. Of course, as the result is left to chance and luck, this will not affect your chances of winning.

It sounds interesting, but why isn’t it the most popular type of roulette in Europe? Because thanks to pocket 00, the house advantage increases. While the casino’s profit margin is 2.7% for European roulette, for American roulette it increases almost double, being 5.26%. It’s normal, since more numbers means less chance that the number you bet on will be the lucky one. But if you play roulette for fun, I recommend this version. The presence of two zeros makes the game more exciting and you have more possibilities to place chips. If you play strategically, you have a pretty good chance of leaving the game with a lot more money in your balance. After all, I think your interest is to play and have fun at a table where the odds favor you, where the stakes are flexible and where the house advantage is as small as possible, because the goal is to put money in your pocket, not leave it to the casino.